Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mechanisms Ratings System

I love video games, especially first person shooters. In the early days, computers were slow, and weren't able to render complex objects, so level designers filled space with simple items like crates, and barrels. This led to the Crate Review System, whereby games were rated by how long it took before you saw a crate.

Ever since I wrote about the staple scientific phrase, "The mechanisms ... are not fully understood," I smile when I see it. And today I would like to debut the Mechanisms Ratings System, which is the number of words in a paper or review before they invoke the catchphrase. Today's rating: "Polyrhythms of of the Brain," which starts, "The mechanism by which multiple brain structures interact to support working memory is not yet fully understood."

Words to mechanism: 1
Words in mechanism sandwich: 11

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